Istanbul-based photographer Irem Cakir was born and raised in Turkey. She has been passionate about photography for more than fifteen years.
Irem studied philosophy and completed her degree with an essay on the philosophy of photography. This led her to develop her practice as a self-taught photographer, outside of any academic photography school. She sees this independence as a strength, allowing her to pursue photography that she loves without limits.
She primarily works with analog cameras, which she believes adds a unique dimension to her work. Using 35mm film cameras, she finds excitement in the process—from capturing the awaited moment to discovering what unfolds on the film.
Her passion for photography, reading, and traveling eventually led her to transition into the roles of editor and photographer. Through her work, Irem explores new countries, cultures, and people, often capturing them through portraiture.
She has contributed as an editor and photographer to major cultural and arts publications in Turkey such as Artful Living and theMagger. Additionally, she has experience in the advertising sector as an editor and copywriter.
In December 2018, she held a street exhibition in Buenos Aires curated by Fiona Vilmer. In November 2019, she opened a personal exhibition titled "Jisaboke" in Tokyo. She also participated in a group exhibition at ZA-KOENJI Public Theatre in Tokyo in November 2020. Most recently, in September 2021, she contributed to the photography book "Monomania Love" alongside 10 other photographers based in Tokyo.
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